OEM MK3 exhaust backbox

Has anybody got a standard exhaust backbox they no longer want. 

Looking for a late good condition  unit to go on my 2014 MK3.75 2.0l



Lots of people have fitted after market back boxes, so I’d imagine there will be a few.

There is a thread.


AaronWMk3 is fitting a Cobalt to his in the coming days, see if he wants to sell his standard box.


Hi, I have one off my 2litre 2011 miyako Swapped it for a cobalt stainless model A couple of years ago so now the old one is stored in my garage. Collection preferred, where aboutd are you ? £35

I have one from my 2007 Z Sport…its just been removed from the car as I wanted an aftermarket exhaust… And its boxed and padded… so could be put on courier safely…
£20 plus courier charge, or could possibly deliver. Whereabouts are you?