Official World Record Attempt Cleared for Take off June 2021

Looking for people to travel down south for this event, did it on my own last time would like to think others are interested and I’m not alone, would be glad to travel down in a convoy if anyone is interested :slight_smile: please message me if you are going. (Edinburgh Area)

My good lady and I are going down from Kinross. Staying near York the night before.

Not thought about convoys or anything like that, but it might be good to meet up sometime, to shake the lockdown blues.

Would be good to meet some like minded folks.

Hi. I’m going down myself on the Sunday (my wife is working so will miss out). Not in Edinburgh but I stay just south of Berwick if you plan to go that way (or similar route). No problem if you have other plans or a different route.

Have had a bit of a family emergency so has to be confirmed if I will be attending, I’m thinking this could be a good distraction.

I’m looking at leaving at 7AM & Berwick is an hour (ish) from me down the A1 could meet up at 8AM?

Hi. Sounds good. Could meet at Lindisfarne services, beside the A1 about 9 miles south of Berwick on the southbound side. An opportunity to fill up/empty out and have a quick coffee if needed? It’s about 3 hours to Elvington from there so plenty of time. Let me know if this suits or if your plans change. Cheers.

Hi George,

Do you have a postcode for Lindisfarne Services & What time is good for you to meet up?
Grabbing a coffee & stretching my legs would be a good. Can PM you my mobile number if your OK with that?