Ohlins fitted to my Mazdaspeed (Pictures added)

Well after a long discussion with Ohlins at the Autosport show in January I have decided to bite the bullet and have a set of their DFV units fitted to replace the original Mazdaspeed units. They are being fitted on Wednesday so will keep you posted on here how things go.

I have a track day booked for the 3rd of March as well so it will be a good opportunity to see how they perform.

Keep you posted

I bet they will be fantastic.  Must’ve cost a fair bit though?

Bargain, only one arm and one leg.

Well it’s done and here are some pictures.

Just thought I would wet your appetite with a few pictures.

It was a long day 400 mile round trip, left at 05:00 and got back at 23:00 so will do a proper write up shortly.

The car was transformed and just seemed to glide home, need to get it on some of my favourite twisties to see how it really performs.

Update soon.