Oil temp gauge

Hi I’m just wondering if anybody has had any experience with fitting one of these oil temperature gauges into a Mk2, 2001. Will there be a need to drill into the oil pan or is it pre wired as such? Thanks. :smile:

Drilling into the sump, oh my goodness. Surely a oil filter sandwich plate would work just as well and not run the rick of getting swarf in your sump

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Good idea, drilling into the sump did terrify me a bit :+1:

What is the point of fitting an oil temp gauge? Far better to spend the time & effort on a pressure gauge instead?

Mine already has a pressure gauge in the instrument cluster- I like the idea of a temp gauge as it’s a nice little modification.

Unless you have already modified the pressure gauge, its a “fake” gauge; the needle moves with 7PSI is reached, like a warning light.

If you just want some extra gauges, fit one of the voltmeter/ammeter gauges and a vacuum gauge.

Wasn’t the original posters question “has anyone got experience of fitting this oil temperature gauge?” Not “does anyone think it’s worth fitting it?“ Maybe they’re just interested in oil temperature, which to me is more interesting than for example, oil brands…

Yes Robbie, much appreciated :+1: