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Hi all I’m back in seat of a beautiful mk1 eunos V Special,after many years of owning mk1s and mk3 and two mk4 and Mk4 RF I’ve been looking for a rust free mk1 lol and I’ve found one. After talking to a gentleman one day who said his friend had one but had an issue with it so I found out he pushed it into his garage and 2007 until now, so I got on the case and could not believe it and after many hours I got her going it was a fuel pump, crazy so I agreed on a price as long as it had an mot so after 14 years off road it sailed through with only advisory on rear discs, so I then bought it and since changed all fluids tyres so on I have all history and original showroom brochure and import paperwork and clicks changed from kph to mph with protech it’s done 43000 miles and totally original
Does anybody know the car H392CMW registered in Bristol when imported over to the U.K.


Thats a great find and a lovely car! I am very envious of your find and I hope that you have a lot of fun in it!!!

Doubt you will lose on that in the future.

Hi scottishfiver hope you are well it’s been a while yes it was a great find only problem I had was I got it going in this guys garage and his price went up lol but still worth it to have a rust free mk1

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Is he a fellow Jockhanistani this seller? :sweat_smile:

Hi there, I can’t help with the history of your car but I’ve also got a green V Special and the reg. number is H186CMW. I’ve had it since 2008 and it’s still nice with 129,000km on the clock but not as good as yours. Mine was imported in 1999, also to Bristol I think, I’ll check tomorrow. I would be interested to know your chassis number, mine is 140633. It was first registered in Japan in February 1991.

Hi Bob that’s cool car was imported 1999 11/08/1999
Chas no 134016
Previous owner
David Alexander Bristol
Reg 1990 October

Taken in Snowdonia (with Lorber wheels fitted).

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Are you in Aberdare area by any chance? My girlfriend thinks she’s seen your car around.

Yes Aberdare lol :+1:

Looks great :+1:

Looks brilliant- great photos!

Thanks Barry