Open diff?

can somebody please explain this term? I know the cars have standard diffs and limited slip diffs but have never come across the term ‘open diff’, I’ve also seen ‘welded diffs’ not sure what that means other than the obvious but why.


Open diff is just a standard diff.

There are plenty of videos on the topic:

And a welded diff is as obvious as it sounds; a standard open diff which has been welded up so that it’s not a differential any more, just a single rigid axle.

Thanks for the above, I’m familiar with standard and LSD just not the terms open and locked

OK so open = standard diff, locked = LSD(?)

Still don’t know why anyone would weld a diff??? wouldn’t that render it useless??

ahhh, drifting - not my thing!!!

An open diff will allow all slip between wheels, a locked diff none.

A limited slip diff lies somewhere between the two.

so welded is locked - who would want that on a road car?

thanks for clearing up the terminology.