Opinions on reconditioned brake calipers ...

Hi all! 

This is my first post - I’d hoped to introduce myself properly (and I will later), but alas I have more immediate problems! My local garage (EMG in Cambridge) have advised me that I have 3 stuck calipers on my Mk1 that need replacing - with an ouch inducing estimated cost. However, they’ve said that they’re more than happy to fix cheaper parts if I can find them, so I’ve done some digging and found these on MX5Parts - http://www.mx5parts.co.uk/product_info.php/products_id/380 - which are half the price of the parts they can source. Is there any reason why I shouldn’t use reconditioned parts? Is it possible to find even cheaper (yet still safe) calipers? Any advice?

Many thanks in advance, Tony.

MX5Parts also sell seal kits and pistons for the calipers. If you feel like a few hours of grief you can rebuild them at home with basic tools. I think that garage labour costs will make reconditioned calipers the cheapest solution if you can’t do any of the work yourself.

I’ve had reconditioned brakes before (although not from MX5Parts), and they’ve been OK.

Hi Tony

What’s wrong with good old ebay:-


£127 a PAIR and no exchange required.  I’ve used them and they are fine.








Thanks for the tip, Alan! I must admit to being a bit nervous about buying spares on eBay - should I be? Then again, you said they’re fine … anyone had any bad experiences?

Now I’m off hunting for eBay bargains - I note this says it’s for a 1.6, would they be okay on my 1.8?


Many thanks in advance, everyone.


I bid for a tonneau? cover on Ebay and I never received it and Ebay did B…All about it.   If I had lived nearer to the seller he would have had a visit by a couple of my eighteen stone Friends. I never buy off Ebay since then.

The 1.8 caliper is different (the thick & thin slider pins go the other way round).  I think you should be able to fit the 1.6 calipers on a 1.8 but you need to swap the brackets from left to right, as you would when fitting 1.8 brakes on a 1.6 car.


Thanks Andrew! Is this difference also true of the back calipers as well, as I’ve seen ones that claim to be suitable for both?

Rear calipers are the same for mk1, mk2 & mk2.5 (with standard brakes) 1.6 & 1.8 models. Only the mk2.5 sport with the big brakes has different rear calipers.

Hi Pollyanna & Tony

I have bought 181 items on ebay, mainly car spares, and only had a few minor problems which were quickly sorted out amicably with the seller.  Check the sellers feedback before purchasing, and also if you do not like the way the advert is written, don’t buy.  Some sellers sound quite aggresive in their desriptions, I do not buy from them!




I have used EBAY since its inception and had no problems at all.