Optional extras offered in 1990

Does anyone know what optional extras were offered on a 1990 UK spec MX5? 

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There were no factory options but there was a range of accessories available from a brochure. What do you want to know specifically? 

Some of these may help???




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1990 Mazda UK accessory brochure


Thanks for those replies. Interesting. The reason I asked was to try to establish what might be considered standard or officially optional if bought from a Mazda dealer. I’m competing in a roadgoing class which restricts some of the things you can do with the car. Some things like wheels are “free” meaning you can do what you like with them, but other things are restricted - like the silhouette of the car. Of particular interest to me was the availability of a full tonneau cover which, from the picture, seems only to fit if the soft top is removed.  Now, I wonder if it was possible to buy an MX5 without a soft top if you bought a hard top and tonneau.  I guess so as not everyone would want to take spanners to their brand new sports car and possibly mess with their warranties.
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Whoa! Loving the cross-spoke ‘Ceres’ alloys and that bonkers ski rack - does anyone have either of those? - but that bodykit is, uh, interesting…


The body in the sketches became the Le Mans kit.



The tonneau cover, despite how it appears, was suppose to fit over the standard hood frame.


Now, although you couldn’t buy a MX5 without a hood, in Japan you could. In 1994, Mazda released a special limited edition, called the M2-1028 (following the M2-1001, M2-1002). This car was essentially a clubman spec; it came with a “weekend driver’s” full cage (which means the forward bars bolted to the windscreen header, and were detachable when not in track use). The factory hood doesn’t fit over this rollbar, no no frame was fitted (instead, owners got a sort of storm cover; a hood without a frame). I guess you could get a 1994 Roadster, and persuade the scrutineer that it is in fact a M2-1028.


Some pictures