Other 10AE members wanted for general chat.

Had my 10AE for just over 3 months and would like to chat with other 10AE members about
bits and pieces, and is anybody local to Reading. I hope this Post works.

 Hi and welcome to the forum Waving and the OC Salute

Hi Mal

Thanks for my first ever reply, must have done something wrong before, now I know I am up and running or maybe driving?


I have a 10AE and live down in Sandhurst.  I also organise a (MX5Nutz) Bracknell meet, which another 10AE owner also attends.  The next meet is possibly going to be on Thursday 26 January.  Why not come along?  Keep an eye open on the Social Events section on MX5Nutz.

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Love the 10AEs Great colour Thumbs up

Hi Alan,


I saw your Technical request in STHT today and reply by Robbie.  I sold my 1st Anniversary LE a while back and bought a 10 AE last June. Always wanted one as I love its looks and colour. Like you I find the ride hard, but apart from pricing up the cost of changing the shocks to standard ones I haven’t done anything about it. How have you got on with improving it?  I wondered if having the wheel alignment perfected would help.





Hi Nic

Glad you like your 10AE too.Thumbs up I am really please with mine 75k and very good on lack of rusty sills and this model even has air con ! I found it was a bonus last year when I drove it home from Colchester with the top up down the M4, I live near Reading. A few minor things I am tinkering with but it is 13yrs old. I do like the shape of the Mk2.

I am getting used to the ride, on good roads it is good and the Bilsteins do their job well, but rough roads and you do notice it. I have just migrated from a JBA kit car so I am used to that type of ride and it is better than the JBA.

I am not sure what I will do about the ride yet, need to drive more with my wife and see how she gets on with it as I could live with it. As in my STHT article I am wondering about wheel and tyre size. Obviously with 185/60/14 you get more rubber between you and the road and all that I have read says you will get a softer ride. Need to find some 14in wheels and tyres to borrow and test the ride.

One option maybe 195/55/15 tyre, a compromise without changing the wheels. At present my tyres have 5mm of tread so wont be changing just yet

Michelin Exalto’s. 2 are faily new the other 2 have slight crazing on the edges so maybe Robbie is right that the rubber is a bit harder.

I have done a rough check on the ‘toe-in’ which seems OK being there is quite a wide tolerance. Do you do your own servicing/repairs.

Happy Days (when the snow clears)




Hi, Al

No I don't do much myself, thought I had done well to take off all the bits that enable you to waxoyl inside the sills.  I bought mine in Lincoln from a man who had kept it in a heated garage for most of its life and no rust then, but by the time I had found someone to waxoyl it (my very local garage) the sills had started to go.  I only use it as a summer car, so I will see how the ride goes when she comes back out of hibernation.  Be nice to hear how you get on with the tyre change.  I live in Leicestershire, though I'm in the Northampton Area of the OC - were you at Silverstone day and the National Rally that we organised last year?

 The suspension should be stiff but not harsh unless there is something wrong. Is it standard bilstein shocks? I ask as it sounds like a JDM car as the UK ones didn’t have aircon. Are the shocks yellow?

Hi Richard

Fairly new to ‘5s’ what is a DJM car? The shocks are Bilstein Yellow, are there variants of Bilsteins.

I think you are right re:‘stiff but not harsh’ - ride gives confidence, although in my 60’s not that pushy!

Have you any experience with tyre sizes etc.


 JDM  Japanese Domestic Market

I ran my 10ae on Toyo T1-r and run my RS (The 10ae is same spec as an RS except trim) also on Toyo T1-r they are quite soft wall tyres

Hi guys, I’m a new 10ae owner so hi all :slight_smile:

I’ve got a few ebay searches running and this popped up today http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/280895117256?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649#ht_500wt_1413 - 10ae boxset. I already have one but thought I would post here in case anyone else is waiting to get one.


 Hi, I also have a 10ae, I bought it back in 2002, it’s a UK model and also has air-con,

it was a dealer fit option when new, and cost £1,195.00.

The easiest way to tell if yours is a Jap import is to look at the speedo & rev counter,

If the needles point south at zero revs, it’s an import…simples !

Cheers Ian Wink





Hello again Al


Did you make any changes to your set-up to soften the ride on your 10AE?  Mine didn’t get much use last summer and not so far this year either!



Not done anything to mine, I must admit though, the B roads are in a shocking condition which does make it rather bumpy on the commute. 

Hi Nic, Not much summer so far but have been out on a few club runs with the top down. I have changed my bilsteins

to Mk2.5 shocks and springs, springs seem to bet very close to the bilstein spring rate, but a softer ride not enough to

affect the handling, not that I am agressive ! also trying a second hand set of 14in wheel with 185/60. My wife is happy

with the ride and for touring I like it especially with the pot-hole problem everyone seems to have. Who is going to

start a petition !?!

I have also made a heat shield between the exhaust and the air filter, does yours get hot after a run. Will try and get some

pics and more info. on this as I need to test with a dig. thermometer, I am sure it is helping.

Do you know if we can add pics. in these messages.

Happy days  Al

Thanks for the update.  My car isn’t even back on the road for the summer, yet!  Went on holiday in May and then needed MOT so waiting till June now.

If after a few runs ( I’ll look out for the exhaust heat) I still want the ride softer, I 'll have chat with some of the specialist MX5 garages and let you know how I get on.  Would be interested to hear if  your tyre experiment works too.

Happy Summer!