Other Drivers Car Headlights - Small Rant.

The amount of cars that i see on the otherside of the road with headlights that are either out of alignment, broken or just blinding me because people have them on full beam is getting ridiculous.

Do you think this is in general or because we are lower down than other non 5 drivers? Also I see lots of cars nowadays with 1 light gone, but the other light seems to go brighter to compensate for it, is this the norm?

Don’t even get me started with those 4x4’s  with ultra bright blue/white lights that come right up behind you and then you have there beam right in your mirrors blinding you.

I’ll start wearing sunglasses at night Cool




I have noticed more, but not sure if I see it more after a close encounter with a people carrier on unlit road with drivers side lights not working at all!!

I don’t understand why drivers of newer cars…some I know have warning lights inside as big hints thats somethings not working…don’t sort it…they can’t all have ‘just broken’. Or do I notice more things now as I want my car to stay in good working order.Don't know

Being under 5foot tall can’t be the reason we both get dazzled (there aren’t many of us shorties drivingWink) so has to be a different reason. I’m off to check level of headlights out of curiosity, but 4x4 & higher vehicles give me hassle, does make me more considerate/knowledgable when driving school minibuses, so, there is a good side to the problem

Modern cars just seem to give the drivers too many options.

I am used to side lights, main beam, full beam and sometimes even fog lights but you now get daytime driving lights and “Blind every one else on the road” Bi-Xenon HID.

Avalible for a MK1 if you want revenge,


 It’s the HID headlamps that are the problem most of the time, especially in the wet at night - when the beam reflects up from the road. They have a very high blue component - and given the effect of blue light on night vision I simply don’t understand why they are legal at all!

 You used to be able to buy night driving glasses, not seen them advertised for years, however some clear polaroids would take the shine off the road.

MX5 drivers’ eyes being lower than most car drivers’ means their line of sight is going to be more  susceptible to being “blinded”.


True to som,e extent, but it happens when driving or sitting in the front seat of almost any vehicle, excpet where the seating position is high - and even then sometimes (which I guess is why the auto-dipping of HID headlamps is to be part of the MOT test)

“Blinded” by lights behind and in front of you, and now that awful trend of drivers at night sat at junctions, etc. not going anywhere, but with their foot on the brake pedal, do they know what the handbrake is for.

 Some modern LED brake lights are insanely bright - they are actually making driving less safe and affect all drivers behind not just low cars.

The problem with a lot of modern vehicles having a light “out” can be put down to the fact that on a lot of them it’s so damn hard to change the bulb.

A lot of modern cars need either the bumper removed or one end dropped to get at the headlamp unit mounting bolts. Yes the complete headlamp needs to be removed to get at the bulb Hitting head on wall!!

What I’d like to know is how the car manufacturers can get away with designing a vehicle like that when in a lot of continental countries it’s compulsory to carry a set of spare bulbs so you can do a roadside repair. “Sorry officer, I can’t change the headlight bulb at the side of thr road as I haven’t had 3 years product training, £5,000 worth of Snap-on tools and hands the size of a one year old to get in tiny gaps!!”.

And as for front fog lights, I think that if you drive with them illuminated when there’s no fog (for that “boy racer” look) the police should be able to turn them off for you with a baseball bat!!!

Rant over.