Overseas trip to Europe - Miatas at Sevenum

Hi All 

It has been mentioned at previous meetings about organising a trip abroad but nothing has really got off the ground.

What are everyone’s thoughts about visiting Miatas at Sevenum in Holland. This is on 16 - 18 August, a 3 day festival of purely MX5’s.

See website below for more details.


Cost to enter the festival is €25 for 3 days preregistered, or €30 if not and that also includes a camping stay.

Whilst camping might not really appeal, Eindhoven is about a 40 minute drive away so we should be able to find a suitable hotel to use as a base.

Whether we would want to spend 3 days at the festival remains to be seen but we are not far from Germany so could hop over the border and drive to Cologne or Bonn, or cut across Holland into Belgium.

As a guide euro tunnel would be around £172 return and my preference, as I would prefer to be under the water for 30 minutes than above it for 8 or more hours, and ferry going Harwich to Hook of Holland would be around £212. Hull to Rotterdam seems very expensive at first glance.

This may be happening a little too soon to organise in time for this year but I would definitely be interested for next year.

Perhaps some suggestions as to where people would like to go for 2020 and we can look to put something together.

Maybe take a vote on the most popular options and plan from there.



I would be interested in going. Probably on euro tunnel … This year. Would stay in a hotel though not camp. I guess the entry ticket will get you in and out couple of days? 

I’m the same. Hotel rather than camp. Ticket is valid for entry over the 3 days.

Do you know anyone else who is interested in going maybe meeting up somewhere down south with others and getting on Le Shuttle in a group / convoy? 

At the moment, I know of at least one more. I’ll raise it at the next meeting and see what sort of take up we get.

You guys on Facebook ? Got a group chat with people interested in a Friday morning euro tunnel trip.   

I am but not sure who out of the others in the group are.

If your looking for a meeting point on the way to the tunnel from the M25 I can strongly recommend the SPRINGS RIVER pub at Ebbsfleet. Decent pub/hotel and food, stayed there a couple of times both prior to tunnel crossings and for mx5 Supercup at Brands Hatch.

There’s a crew going on the 09:50 shuttle from Folkestone on Friday 16th August if anyone wants to join a group /convoy ?   Meet up at the Le Shuttle Car Park 1hour before… MAS19 Saturday and Sunday and home Monday … Or do your own thing… If you fancy an MX-5 group crossing and drive Europe side let me know . . . Cheers