Page/Thread views

Any chance the thread ‘views’ count (like we had on the old Forum) can be reinstated? - It would be good to know how many peeps had looked at your post - not just replied to it. Particularly useful in the for sale and events section.

And why cant the replies all be shown as they were before, its a pain in the AR** having to click on each reply to read it.
In fact its absolutely rubbish!!!

Click on the “Change View” button towards the top of the page and select “Flat View”.  Hey presto.

I don’t know why the useless “Threaded View” is even available as an option.

 I have two points on this, which I think are related.
 1. where is the see posts since last visit, I don’t want to read every post. There is only a button, see unread posts.
and 2. When I click see unread posts, there is no way of seeing which forum page they are from. Before I could skim over the heading and ignore what ever I wanted, ICE for instance. Now I always see the threads I have already decided to not read.
Am I missing something?

  1. Click the unread posts button as you are doing, and then at the top of the list (below “Not Read”) there are two drop down boxes, one says “All Forums”, and the other “Show All” - click on the “Show All” one and change it to “New since last visit”.

  2. It is on Martin’s “List” (Stretching the meaning of the word “list” now I think - more of an “archive of issues”) to add the post’s location. However, the first drop-down box referred to above could sort of be used I suppose