Paint respray

  1. My model of MX-5 is: 1992
  2. I’m based near: kent
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: respray

Very recently bought myself a mk1 Eunos, the paint is very thin in places and the previous work that has taken place is chipped or come away, as far as I’m aware the sills and arches are very clean and no rust. I’m looking for any recommendations in Kent for a possible full respray and rough costs of doing this.
Cheers everyone

Not living in Kent, I can’t give any recommendations.

However, as far as costs go, for a cheap full respray expect to pay about £1000.
Work on about £150 per panel, and you’ll not be far out.

You could of course double that for a good one.

I live in Kent and at this very moment my 1997 monza is being resprayed, I replaced the rear wings and door seals, inner rear arches and wings. He has stripped the car down and has filled and sprayed each panel and body with primer, he then leaves it for over a week to settle (which is the stage I’m at)before prepping and getting the panels and body dead flat ready for the respray. I’ve seen some his work and I can definitely recommend him. The place is Ace body shop based in Gillingham, Kent and has been given an excellent review, check out the website.
The entire job is going to cost £3000,00 but it will be near perfect when It’s finished (I hope) he also arranged to have the car picked up and returned when finished. If you looking for just a straight respray he starts at around £1500,00.
There is also a place in Eastbourne that comes highly recommended as well.

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Dude that looks and sounds amazing cheers for getting back to me I will be taking a look at this guy as it’s not to far from me