Part Found on Gearbox Undertray

  1. My model of MX-5 is: 2001 nb2 5 speed
  2. I’m based near: Coventry
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: identifying a part I found on the gearbox undertray.

Hi all, your help on this would be greatly appreciated. I’ve found a bracket I don’t recognize lying on top of the gearbox undertray and Google hasn’t been very helpful.

I was driving home from work today and noticed a particularly loud rattle coming from somewhere under the car. When I arrived home I had a reach under to try and jog a few things and when I tapped the gearbox undertray could hear something on top of it. I popped off two of the bolts that hold it on and found the bracket in the attached images just loose on top. It’s all metal with a single bolt.

Does anyone know where this bracket might have come from?

I’m not currently at home and the only jack I have at the moment is the scissor jack which I don’t particularly trust to go wriggling around under the car.



As a new user I can only put one image at a time, so here’s another angle.

And another…

Looks like the clip to hold a front grill to the radiator appeture. Locates nto a hole in the front bumper and grill sits in the groove.

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Thanks for the response, it certainly looks a bit like that, but I don’t have that type of grill and I think the part I have is a bit bigger.

Couple more pictures with better lighting and on the intake for some scale.

This has been solved, a user pointed out to me on another forum that this is a bracket that mounts the exhaust to the gearbox.