PAS pump for a mk1 Eunos 1.6 1994

Hello 5rs of the UK. Looks like the Power Steering Pump (tbc) is FuBaR’d on the mk1 Eunos.
Recommendations for a place to get a replacement, please.
Autolink don’t appear to have any and MX5 PARTS are a tad £££! - just to namea couple of places I’ve checked
Other things to be checked but just putting out feelers for now.
Tia :slightly_smiling_face:

These power steering pumps are really reliable and rarely give issue.
The proof is give away prices of good used spares available in the usual auction website.
We are talking £10 - 30 which I hope you agree is very cheap for a part that I guess would cost £300+ new(£461.14{MX5Parts}).
Have you checked the belt, belt adjustment, power steering fluid level, etc?

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It’s worth phoning Autolink to check as they sometimes have used parts even if they don’t get updated on the website, and also try mx5heaven.

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Cheers. That’s in our sights as well.
Thank you. And good to hear that from someone else :+1:

Agree and thank you for the feedback :+1:

Only to say the belt melted on to the drive dooflap. Sorted.
Now on to the next things including new roof with view of getting glass window.
Anyway - ty for help before :+1:t3: