Pershore Plum Festival 29th August 2022 Karen and Dave

Hi everyone,

I have been in touch with Pershore and I have been advised to gather numbers for who would be interested in joining us for the festival.

We will be having a Picnic competition and go for a meal afterwards.
I have a feeling numbers will be limited we will follow this as a guideline until it has been confirmed.

Many thanks


Hi Karen and Dave

We would love to join you, please add us to your list.

Many thanks

Dave and Cath

Hi Karen & Dave.
I would love to join you.


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Please add me too, luv Sharon x

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Hi Karen and Dave

We would love to join you.
Please add us to your list
Thank you

Angie and Chris.

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Hi Karen and Dave,
Please add us to your list for the Bank holiday Monday.
Kind regards,
Anthony and Carol

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Could you please add us both to the list.
David and Anita

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Hi Karen

Would love to join you. Will dust off our chandelier


Micele and John

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Thank you everyone, I have just been advised that we can have up to 10 cars, we have 7 already including us, first come first served.

I will require the following information to go ahead and book the cars we have got already:

Reg and £8 payment to me and then I can send all the payments in one go to car coordinators as requested.

Many thanks

Hi Karen,
Please find my details.

Name. Dennis Hayes
Car. Mazda Eunos. V spec.
Reg. H916 YYV.

How would you like to receive the payment?


Sharon Hooton
Reg: KN66 ZTD
Mx5 mk4 icon
£8.00 sent via online banking 18/5 with Reference: Mx5 meet Sharon

Hi Karen.
Name. Angela Alldread
Make. Mazda
Model. MX5 Roadster Sport Tech
Reg. AY13. SLV

Just paid you the £8 via bank transfer

So sorry for the delay.

Angie. Xx

Hi Karen
Details for Pershore Plum Festival
Name: David Tidman
Model: Mk 3 icon
Reg: MX51 OWL
How do we make payment?
David and Anita

Hi Karen and Dave

David Sherratt

Mazda MX5 mk2.5 Arctic


Paid cash

Many thanks

David and Cath

Hi David

Here is my mobile: 07982 252987

Please send me a message and I will provide my bank details to you.

Many thanks

Hi guys

All money now paid for the passes tickets are being sent to Karen and will be distributed when we meet.

Thanks Karen and Dave