Photo upload issue?

hope this is the correct
section for this. My Galaxy S10+ is now my go to device for viewing and posting on the forum. Never been as easy despite my initial doubts. :rofl: anyway, is anyone else having issues uploading pics from phones? It all works well on my iPad but cannot get pics up from my phone. Was working fine up to last week, now nothing. Posts are fine. This is from my phone, but no pic uploads :thinking: Probably me but just wondered if anyone else has this problem? TIA

I’ve just logged out of the site and logged back in again, also switched my phone off and restarted it. Neither action has resolved the issue :thinking:

I had trouble posting that solar lights picture on the other thread earlier but eventually it posted.
Never really had problems since they upgraded the forum, I find it a breeze now with my Motorola G7.

Yes, I’ve been the same Mick, not one issue since new forum started, in fact exceptionally good! At the moment though, not able on phone. Ipad yes, dead easy, not sure what it is :thinking:

From my phone, just testing.


I’d love to be able to do that Ian! :grinning:
No idea whats wrong? Can select pics for use on messenger, WhatsApp etc on my phone but won’t upload to OC forums :thinking: