Photos & Winner Result Solent Area Visit to Exbury Gardens 5th September

A fantastic day full of sunshine, the Solent Area welcomed members from Sussex Downs, South Central, West London, and Wessex Areas. making a total of 19 cars, 30 People.

So to the Competition for ‘Find the Blue Sign’

Mark was declared the winner with the earliest time shown on his photo of 11:52, there was quite a lot of very near times, Paul & Karen 11:59, Colin & Jo 12.02.
Angela took the honour of presenting Mark with his prize of a ‘Bag of Goodies’

There was a Trio of 30th AE’s, namely Colin R, Jules and William, along with Ron’s 2021 Sport Venture, along with a great display of Mk1, Mk2, MK3, and MK4’s
The Team, Patricia, Angela, Ron & John, would like to thank all members who attended this event, and trust you all had a wonderful day.


Hey John and everyone, thank you so much for a wonderful day, the weather was glorious and the drive was beautiful across the forest. Thank you for making us feel so welcome. Hope to come along to some more in the future :blush:

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Good morning Georgina & Jean,
You are both always welcome to join us at any time, and truly chuffed that you enjoyed the day…Keep an eye open for other Solent outings that might suit.
Kind Regards
patricia, angela, ron & john