Picture size

 So have we gone backwards with the picture size rules?
 On the old forum we were allowed pictures 800 pixels wide.
The picture on this thread  is 800 wide and it has the edge cut off.
 On one hand I am pleased that oversized pictures don’t cock-up the formatting of the whole page (as it could ge tdifficult to read on the old forum when mahoosive pictures were posted)
 On the other hand I am dissapointed that after the breakthrough of the mods allowing larger pictures we now have pictures being cropped on one edge.
Not winging, just pointing something out. [;)]


Is its on the list to widen the format any way at some point then photo issue will sort of get resolved by that.  Mean while photo size can at least be tweaked by posters when they add to a post if they so decided to bother.   At least we don’t get the awful probem with whole threads stretching to the width of the widest photo.  So some progress… [Y]


 The swear filter makes it look like I used a very rude word - I only used the word that describes a male chicken.
Roll on the widening of the format - Keep up the good work, Martin [Y]