Planned downtime - 18th Dec 11:30PM, ~1 hour

Hi all, 

Apologies for doing this for the second time in a day, but in order to make some configuration changes on the new server, we will need to have a bit of downtime later on this evening. It will start at around 11:30PM, for around 1 hour. All going well, this will hopefully be the final piece of downtime related to last weekend’s catastrophic server failure 


The reason behind this latest downtime (and indeed this afternoon’s) is to make configuration changes that should substantially reduce the costs associated with running our new server. 


On Sunday, my priority was to get things back up and running which meant proceeding with a lot of default settings. Having done a lot of analysis since then to better understand the load placed on the server, and how our new hosting environment works, I’ve worked out that we can make some changes that will save us a lot of money without degrading the performance. 


It’s a little bit like modifying a car; you get it starting and running with a base tune, and then get it onto the dyno to get it properly mapped and running at its best! On Sunday, we got things going with the base tune, and now we’re making sure that everything runs efficiently and we get good bang for our buck.  

This work is now complete, slightly ahead of schedule.