Plastic door screen/sheet behind door card - Sourcing for Mk2

Hi All,

Well as part of the “What did I do to my MX5 today” post (not that I’ve posted it there yet), I silicon lubed both my slow-to-go-up electric windows.

Whilst there I noticed that some rotter had sythed his way through the right door plastic shield/screen and completely removed the left one 

I’ve had a look around t’interweb but can’t find 'em. Where can I get hold of replacements? sell them for MK1 ( but not for the mark 2.

Here’s a look at what I found when I took off the cards:

How come putting the door lock rod into the guiding clips stops the door from central locking - i understand the engineering of it but don’t know why there would be a guide clip there if it doesn’t work when in it?!

I ordered one from a Mazda dealer (which curiously seems to be the last place OC members try!).

Haha, yes, that makes sense, will try them :smiley: