Plastic wheel centre caps

Right… I just got my wheels refurbished and… the plastic centre caps look ■■■■ so I didn’t fit them…

I’m going to ring my local mazda dealer to get a price for the OEM centre caps but from a quick search I’m looking at £10 a piece?

Yikes… lol

Any alternatives? (looking for ideas here)


I picked up a set of 4 from mx5city for 15 quid: Mazda Logo Wheel Centre | MX5 City

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About 5 years ago I paid over £30 for a set from the local dealer. At the time they could only get black, things may have changed on that but price wise, who knows?

that will do nicely, thanks

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I refurbished mine, easily disassembled the chrome bits cleaned up and the centres sprayed to match the car. Cost zero as I already had the paint. You can see the result on my wheel pics.


I got 4 from China via ebay very cheaply.
Look great

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Had my wheels refurbished and bought the centre caps from eBay, £7.59 delivered from uk seller

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thank you very much @alben.

I wasn’t aware that you could take them apart.

I am looking at a wheel refurb in jan or feb and now I know that I can have the center caps done to match at the same time!

big thanks.

Hi mate, what process did you use to get the chrome bits off? I haven’t tried yet but I thought if I would the chrome bit would snap off.

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Just warmed them up then used a pin punch to carefully drive the logo pins through from the back while supporting the plastic. Didn’t break one and superglued them back in afterwards. Easier than I thought they would be.


I will give that a go. I have the car booked for a small paint repair next month so the garage will have plenty of spare paint to match my car. I ordered new silver ones ones anyway so I don’t really mind if I break these - will try not to - but maybe I can make mine to look as nice as yours. Cheers…

You don’t say which model you have… be aware that there are several different sizes and fitting for all the models and wheel options over the years.

Its an NC, I got a set of four from MX5 city (link from @Mehty above). They are not OEM quality but are ok for now. I will try repair the originals - take the chrome bits off and and get them painted to the car colour.

As suggested by a member, i put the old OEM caps in a mug and pour some boiling water (maybe an inch above the caps)

Left it in for two minutes, took it out and with a flat screw driver i pushed them little edges of the chrome bit and to my surprise they came off. I was surprised how easy it was (they won’t come off as easy unless you heat them - i tried lol)

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