do you guys not know that a Christian and surname is not what some of us want as a “USER NAME”

Please add a “user name” to the joining page.

I had to re join and type in a user name as my christian /surname.

And what is this editing business ? waiting for some one to “vet” our posts is immature and will stop many from ever wanting to continue posting

other than that i like the fresh look. But you need to get “on board” and sort this out !

 I think we need more people to assert their displeasure of real names being available for everyone to see so that the moderators take it seriously.


Pre moderation was turned on by default on some of the forums (but no idea why!) , its wasn’t deliberate, it should be off on all of them now.  So apologies for that.  Let us know if you spot any that still ask for it,  hopefully not just been through and looked at the whole lot!

The issues with display names is top of the list for bits to sort out next week.  Funny that on the Club website peoples full names appear, and have done for years, but no one has ever commented on that. 

Trouble is a few people can sit and play with something like this for ages (as we have done) but its not until you have enought people on it to push it a bit that things that need sorting start to appear… Thats why I am sitting here on a Saturday evening going through and trying to pick up on as many of the comments, good, bad and indifferent that I can…


 Mine isn’t. It is an option to not appear in the list.
 Here’s hoping the issue can be resolved so I can use my fully paid up account rather than a limited guest account.
Also, why isn’t there a search option other than on the very front page? There should be a search and a view new posts link on every page (there is on every other forum I partake in)

Search is going to get added to the top of the page…  I think it was there on orignal version a while ago but got displaced by something else…