Plums not on display this year folks!

Hello NWM,
I know that my topic heading may have raised a few eyebrows. This is for very good reason. Firstly it at least gets you exercising those facial muscles in these days of enforced lockdown and the resultant lowering of bodily activity. Secondly it keeps you informed of latest developments with the workings of our club.

John White, Area Coordinator, South West Midlands and general good guy all round has very sadly had to inform me that this year’s Pershore Plum Festival has been cancelled but rest assured will, all things being back to normal, will be back again in 2021 when once more Plums can be on open display in a safe environment.

Keep safe all you out there and stay cheerful.

Jim Keeley. North West Midlands


That’s a shame we were going to make Plum Gin and then Plum/Gin infused Sherry with the fruit after Gin is bottled ! Oh well next year.

Chris and Christine,
Plum infused gin? Sounds good to me. Hopefully you can get your hands on some plums. Apparently there was mention of a nasty frost in the vale of Evesham that could affect this year’s harvest. Frost bitten plums…not good.

Thanks for reply sorry for delay in reading ! Not like we are busy.