pollyana needs you help !

We may have left someone behind and we all know how much he relied on the “I need help” forum when it came to IT problems.  So if anyone can spare a few minutes please, pop back over to the other forum and drop Alan (pollyana) a pm and see if you can guide him over here and get him back on.  He’s apparently planning a glass windblocker thread and we would not want to miss it…  Your help would be appreciated.  In case you can’t remenber where its is www.mx5ocforum.co.uk… [:D]

I’ve just found this post, hopefully by now someone will have pm’d him, if not I’ve sent him a message and see if I can help. The forum’s not the same without him[:(]

Hi,  thanks for that.  Fergy was going to try and get him sorted, so not sure how he has got on…  I’m sure between us all we can get him onboard…

I PM’d him a couple of days ago but have had no reply, Hope he’s ok as he’s just had some surgery on his second knee   

Sent him a PM and Email but no reply as yet, i have offered to remote control his PC to take him thru the basics

He’s  just sent me a PM to say he’s OK but cant sit at the computer for very long because of his recent knee opp. What he really wants is a step by step guide on how to set up his details so that his forum ID shows rather than his name, set up preferences and how to get around the site. Hes got the info on the windblock ready to post, should make interesting reading.

Get him to email me ( i will pm you my email)

I can remote his machine and click him through the process


Thanks Fergy, I’ve sent your details hopefully he should be joining us soon[:D]

Just to say He’s arrived!

Cool, cheers guys… [:D]