Power st. pipes

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __na, eunos
  2. I’m based near: __N IRELAND
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: SIMILARITY TO MK2 PAS PIPES IF ANY EXIST

AFTER A RECENT STEAM WASH UNDERSIDE i was directed by the operator to a leakage from one or more of my pas piping… anyone know if the mk2 are something similar and maybe can be modded to suit a mk1, as mk1’s are few and very expensive for a bit of mild steel pipe and a few cms of rubber hosing… i would think that if i was with a hydraulic outfit that made pipes i could have a few quid change from what specialists want…

NA Pump

NB Pump

Look completely different. If you can’t get replacements, it might be better to get the hard lines off, and take them to an hydraulic specialist, and new steel lines made up (using copper pipe is no good).

Bare in mind, your present lines are 30-35 years old, and you are attempting to bodge on used lines not much younger. Mk1s are old. Mk2s are old.

Genuine Mk1 line still available new, and its not crazy money

Ast, thanks, i have a call into a Mazda dealer in Dungannon regarding a price for the lines who is asking for the reg…i have to wait while the Orangemans hols blow past, next monday, a glance earlier today tells me its not just as bad as i thought, then i called a chap who is a very experienced mobile plant engineer who put me in touch with someone fairly local a plant supplier who also does hyd. pipe manufacture. so i have all the avenues covered, lets hope. and your pics show a lower flat sided spacer which i reckon would be removable just where the flexys enter. perhaps allowing that same spacer to be swapped …allowing the mk2 pipes to be used as they are available new from several suppliers… will

OK Saltmarine came back…12/15 weeks delivery from Japan if they have stock and the cost for the 32/490 the rubber and steel pressure line from pump to rack top is 186.60 plus 20% vat, the return line 32/410c is actually more expensive for 5ft of 12mm galvanised pipe 224.19+vat. so in my case i’ll be removing the hard line and the pressure line and getting them copied locally…AS I don’t consider those Crazy costs to be particularly reasonable…W

Funny, English Mazda dealers can do deliveries from Japan for JDM cars in 10 working days, if there is stock. If they have to order for European spec cars, I believe they have to go through Mazda Europe, and wait for the next container load.

YES could be something to do with N.Ireland’s EU position allied to getting them at a better trade discount to the dealer if they are on a std back order instead of an immediate order…anyway irregardless of that they are too bloody dear… new mk2’s are 148 the pair from a non Mazda trade supplier tbomk…W

Nothing to do with EU/Non-EU. My experience of NI Mazda dealers was that thery were borderline worthless. I think it was the parts manager at Saltmarine who came out with the cobblers that Eunos Roadster wings were longer, and you couldn’t fit UK brake pads to an import. Basically, he could not be bothered. If the dealer has paid for access to the global EPC, they see the JDM prices.

JDM prices on power steering pipes/hoses are about 10,000 Yen a piece, or less, or about £50.

AST ,I bow to your superior knowledge, only reason i involved the boys in Dungannon as my local guys had taken themselves on holiday you’ll remember the 12th holidays I’m sure… now have we anyone who can actually source a pair from Japan and get them to Ulster at 100quid plus post for a pair thats very likely less than i will pay to have them made here…W

Autolinkuk have the pipes in stock. They will also do a discount for MX5OC members




It appears the same part numbers are used in the US, so not a RHD/LHD difference I think

Which means you can check US sellers of used parts. Shipping might not be too bad. I think there is no VAT on used parts

Just cross reference the parts numbers you have from Saltmarine

US parts numbers


Japan parts numbers (go through Google translate)


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