Power steering refill issue

Hi all,
Today i removed the Power Steering Low Pressure Return Pipe as it was leaking. All or the majority of the PS fluid has drained out which was expected of course!
I am wondering when i fit the new pipe, to feed the fluid around the whole system again do i just fill the reservoir, turn the engine on and turn the steering wheel back and forth? Or is there a bleed screw i need to use?
Having never done this before i am looking for your advice.
Thanks in advance.

Just top it up, run the engine, turn the steering and check/top up the level as required. I’d fill to the max, start the engine and let it run for 5 seconds or so, switch it off and check/top up the level before restarting it and turning the steering. Check the level with the engine off.

Cheers Roadster_ Robbie