Powering a Carcoon from a Solar Panel, help needed!

Hello All

I have moved my car from a powered garage to one without power.

I have used a Carcoon to protect it in winter and just wondered if anyone had powered a Carcoon from a solar panel? If so how do you do it?

I know the Carcoon will run from a car battery so I was thinking I could buy a leisure battery and connect it to the Carccon and then have the battery topped up by the solar panel.

Any help greatly appreciated.



In theory, all things are possible.  I guess it depends on costs and practicality.  A solar panel will supply power (trickle charge) to a leisure battery during the hours of daylight, the amount of power will vary with the strength of light, sunlight giving the best results.  Location of the panel and the angle of installation will also effect the efficiency of the panel.

Will the carcoon be running 24/7?  If not, what will the usage be (hours per day)?  When the carcoon is running on battery power, what will the voltage be, how many amps will it be drawing at that voltage?  From this information we can calculate the size of leisure battery required and estimate the solar panel size.

I used solar panels on top of my motor home as a back-up for the leisure batteries and they worked, but of course I could boost charge the batteries from the engine or hook-up during heavy usage.


not going to be cheap

A 2.25 amp solar panel kit is £180 ish plus a £100 battery

and that is presuming your current draw is only 1 to 1.5 amp

Why not get a car battery and a multimeter (cheap from Maplin).
Connect the multimeter in series with the car battery and connect up your Carcoon.
That will tell you the current draw, and hence what the solar panel should provide.
I guess you need to up the current draw, as the solar panel will not be active overnight and so there will be energy drawn from the battery which will have to be topped up during the day.

Yes should be possible but there are some long and dark days in winter when the panel will not be putting much current out. Check carefully how the panel output is rated. Is there a framed version which will stay up without electricity? It wouldn’t matter much then if the fans were off a few days. Maybe even put a couple of large bags of silica gel in there which could be removed and dried as needed for extra insurance.