PRHT on Mk3 refuses to retract, just beeps

For the first time I’ve had a problem with the retractable hard top on my 2008 Mk3 Niseko.  The car had not been used for a week, but has been stored with the windows down in a dry heated garage.  We wanted to take it out for a run today, and while the engine was running and still parked I unlocked the retaining catch and pushed the button to retract the top.  It just gave a few feeble beeps and sulked.  I closed the windows and tried again, still no joy, but I noticed that the windows did not part-open as the normal first step when retracting the lid.

So we went out anyway.  I tried again when we got home after a half hour’s drive, but still no luck.

I assume there is a sensor somewhere which is preventing the PR sequence from commencing.

Does anyone have a suggestion for likely items to check?  Will a fault code reader be of use?

I am a competent engineer with half a century of experience working on boring ordinary cars, but relatively new to the delights of the MX5.

Many Thanks


The boot’s not open is it?


Spot-on!!  I’ve just closed it properly and tried it. Result!

Many thanks, I had forgotten SWMBO had taken something out of it!


Good to know.