Problem selecting 5th gear

My gear lever now has no ‘notchiness’ between the forward gears and reverse. When trying to find fifth it’s difficult to not move the lever too far to the right. When I get it right it works fine, the gear itself is ok. This results in a lot of awkward fishing around (normally on motorways).

It’s been running without the crinkled anti-vibration washer shim thing that sits at the bottom of the selector - I broke it when changing both the seals a month or so ago and hadn’t gotten around to ordering a new one :frowning:

From the last time I looked in the selector I don’t remember seeing anything simple that could cause this problem. Obviously I’ll be taking it apart when my new shim arrives during the week, so I’ll have a chance to dig around. Any ideas what might be wrong?

 ps. faq checked, but I can’t find a search function.

The search button is coming, I posted about  this problem and had a reply, which I can’t find because I’ve read it [:D] Hang on I’ll have another rummage

I think it may be the spring that helps… could be wrong.

Look and I shall find [:D][;)]

Try that, Martin is dealing with a button for the search link…

Just gone through this myself with my new Eunos. Had done a few thousand Km then felt the lever go “too far” over when selecting 5th. Had to do a 150ml round trip with the first part on motorway, got into 5th and was OK.
On leaving the motorway could only find 2nd and 3rd and in the end when I came to a set of lights lost the lot and the stick was all over the place. Called out the RAC and a very helpful guy turned up 1/2 an hour later. Had a look around then took the centre consol out and found the 3 bolts that hold the stick in were all over the place, 2 very lose and the 3rd out altogether and just sitting on top.
He lined everything up and bolted it into place and I got on my way 30 minutes later. It has been fine for the last 3 weeks with a much improved change, so it may have been working lose for some time. Mr RAC suggested a recent clutch change.
Got to be worth a look.


 Yep that fixed it.
All three bolts were visibly loose. Just tightened them and it now feels back to normal.
 Thanks !

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