Problem with Headlights - MK1

So all of a sudden on lamp has low beam working and high beam not working and the other one has high beam working and low beam not working - any ideas please I have taken the lamp out of one and checked the wires but I don’t really know much else. HELP please…



If you swap the bulbs round and you get the same result you will know it is not the bulbs. After that you need to give all the connectors you can see a good ‘wiggle’. Then give the light switch and dip switch a good ‘work out’. Then check the fuses.

If this does not work you then need a multi meter, a wiring diagram and some skill.

I’ve done all of that except fuses so guess that’s next. Thanks


When you took the bulb out of the wire plug, was it in good shape?

Its just that I’ve had two of the plastic wire-to-bulb plugs melt a bit and badly corrode creating a similar problem.

Have a really good look at the connectors inside the plastic plug and make sure they are very clean and shiny and the wires don’t have any fraying or corrosion evident.

This time of year with the cold and damp is when these problems will show up more - same goes for battery lead connections.