Problem With Photo Attachments?

On a couple of threads I have gone to look at photos attached by members and got the following message:

Error: Resource has been moved or is unavailable. Please contact the forum admin.

Any idea what has happened to the pics?


Most pictures are hosted on external services and if the location changes or the OP deletes it then the forum software (though mainly your browser) will not be able to render it. There’s not much we can do at this end.

Just been poughing through the techie FAQs and every picture is fuzzy. The photobucket logo is crystal clear but the pictures are useless even though they do seem to be still the relevant pictures.

Is it something I’m doing wrong in my browser?


Just had a look at a few of the FAQ entries and all the pics are clear on my Mac using Chrome browser


Well thanks for looking. It is a known problem with Firefox and photobucket but the fix for it didn’t work on my computer. Unfortunately I get the same problem with Edge and Chrome so there must be some setting wrong on my setup. Wish I could afford to replace my machines with Macs…

I’ve not bothered to try to post pictures on this site for a couple of years now.  To my mind it is just too much hassle to have to mess about with a third-party site to have to store photo files, because this site cannot do it, and then something happens with the third-party site which results in all pictures being lost, and great blank gaps appear in the pages on here.  This is what happened when Photobucket decided to charge people to use their facilities a while back.

Hopefully, when we get the promised new OC site all these issues will be resolved, posting pictures will be made much easier, and there will be no more reliance on third-party sites to store our picture files.

I appreciate that these things are difficult - actually I.T. is all Greek to me, and these tech boys I hold in great esteem.  But I can imagine that to get a new system whereby it is possible for the new site to store photo files for future use, and to also still be able to be backwardly-compatible with the pictures that have been posted in the past, might be something of a juggling trick.  It may very well transpire that all old photo files will be incompatible with the new system, and therefore lost to us - hopefully not.


The good news (for me) is that the Firefox fix actually does work. I needed to go into the Add-ons Manager to enable it to run in private windows. I didn’t know I was using private windows…

Anyway, the pictures are now crystal clear and the watermark gone.


Post image.

Really child’s play.

Load up from 'puter, copy url…paste.


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