Problem with rear brake disc/pads?

Thank you Dean. I shall whip the calipers off and add the cleaned up original shims to the new shimless brake pads.

Shouldn’t use that on slider pins due to rubber contamination.
Use Castrol Red Brake grease or similar which is rubber friendly.
In the shims yes, but not the slider pins.


Red rubber grease

This was my daily drivers rear brakes last year (picture)
I owned it for 9 years by last year but after around 8 years I noticed a strange wear pattern on one side only. I stripped the offending side down, everything seemed ok, pins free, caliper doing it’s job, a mystery. It even passed an MOT like that, no advisories.

Anyways it seemed odd so I eventually changed both sides for new Brembo discs and pads. All good, even wear on the discs, exactly how you would expect and the pads contacting right to the edge of the disc.

So it seems a mystery why mine went like that, yours too if they are serviced and operating freely. More annoying is the fact being the rears they had plenty of wear left in them, even at 9 years old.

That odd lines is caused by the handbrake. Usually long spells of handbrake applied and the car being stood.
I no longer apply the handbrake when my car is stood up in the garage. I put a chock of wood under the wheels.
The strange area of no contact is definitely odd though.


Every day is a school day. I never apply handbrake in the garage either…

Just for greater understanding what discs and pads did you use?

On another forum it mentioned that the pads fitted were slightly bigger causing issues.

Neither do I.
I learnt many years ago after trying to push a Volvo out the garage with locked brakes…

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Well that’s the rear brakes sorted. I’ve worked on car brakes for many years but what a fiddly job it was on my 2001 Mk2. Now everything is cleaned up and lubricated. With the handbrake lever up at an alarming angle I adjusted it and now everything is as it should be. Watching a couple of videos on YouTube made everything clearer. Now all set for a run over to St.Omer to a classic car event in the first week in June then a run up to Norwich to visit an ancestors grave. It’s headstone is lent over at 45 degrees and I want to rectify it. The sun is shining so mow the lawn, clean the bird poo off the soft top then take her for a drive to the coast. The pleasures of being retired :smile::+1:


My son bought a car with so called “Full Dealer Service History”
It had a fresh MOT on it as well.

He was complaining that he could feel a pulsing in the brakes.

This is what I took off the rear of his car !!!
And the very reason I now do everything myself.


Blimey, that IS bad!

They must do the MOT’s by post as well……


I hope you are taking those parts back to the car sales who sold your son the car? NO way should the brakes have passed an MOT with those discs!..Just “visually” they should have failed an MOT!


Their current attitude is “you can’t prove they came off the car we sold”

If my son hadn’t been going on a holiday in the car I would have made him take it back as it was.
I took the stance that I wanted him in something safe and reliable.
For me the £80 it cost was peace of mind.

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Your attitude is same as mine. Do whatever you can yourself provided you can do it properly. :+1:


My first reaction would be name and shame, but then they could well take legal action exactly because of what you quoted. That could prove expensive.

However, you could easily say that you were very unhappy (and resist saying any more) with a particular company, and should they challenge you, you are under no obligation to say why.

Had a quick chat with Citizens Advice.

They said that frustrating as it is - without hard proof - it wasn’t worth taking it any further.

My son is however doing exactly as you said.
On the forums he is saying he would not use them again for a car purchase or service.

I bought a 3tr old Volvo from a main Volvo dealer. Had 35k miles on it. I said the rear discs and pads looked worn. They said if it goes through the workshop and is fine it will stay. The garage did the cars first MOT and it came back as an advisory of worn rear discs and pads. They tried to hide this when I collected in the jargon of paperwork. Said I wasnt happy. They refused saying it had a valid MOT.
So, being on the Volvo forums, I showed the photos on how a main dealer with a supplied Volvo warranty supplied vehicles. I took the discs off and put a micrometer on them, with the engraving of the minimum thickness visible, showing it was on the limit. I then replaced th e discs and pads with new.
Low and behold a few days later, a call from the Volvo dealer asking me for my bank details and cost of the discs and pads I changed and I was paid out. Never bought another car there again, so pretty short sighted and now they lost the franchise, so probably not the only issue brought us by purchasers.

Will they refuse to knock of the cost of the parts if you’ll diy? You can get a full set of front and rears with pads for less than £200…