Problems logging out

I have noticed that since the new forum was implemented, logging out via the orange button in the top nav bar doesn’t actually log me out.

It appears to do so, but if i close the tab, then open a new tab and enter the forum url, it takes me to a logged in state…

Anyone else get this?

Hmm, sometimes one is not quite logged in, as witnessed by an absence of ‘Club Member’ beside ones Forum name, but still with a tick on the avatar.

However, go the Home page where it now agrees one is not logged in (from previously ghosting on Forum without ‘Club Member’), and login there to return the ‘Club Member’ while on the Forum even though no logout performed anywhere.

I guess there is a confusion here between Forum Member and Club Member. I suspect Forum membership is maintained through the cookies, but Club needs a login. No doubt others know better than I how it all works.

I have to log in “properly” as a “mere” Forum user?
Everything works peachy, but naturally I cannot advertise.
Logging out is no issue, only I don’t ever bother.

Interesting. I click log out and it then asks me to confirm that with:
You are attempting to log out of MX-5 Owners Club
Do you really want to log out?

If I then confirm and come back to the forum I’m still logged in.

But that link may just have logged you out of the website, and not the forum area.

If you want to log out of the forum you need to click on your profile icon top right and then your name which then has a log out option under it, and that will log you out of the forum. Not sure why you would want to though unless on a public computer?

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That makes sense…sort of…

Log out, close all the tabs, restart your computer or whatever and see if that works