Proud New Owner in South Wales

New to the world of MX5s, fancied one for a long time so I’ve recently gone for a pretty well looked after 2005 1.8 icon in chilli orange. Love the colour and drives like a dream! To the extent I used it as my wedding car :grinning:
Looking forward to meeting some of you at the next event.



Welcome to the club from North Nottinghamshire. Hope you enjoy the top down motoring and get miles of smiles from your 5.


Welcome to the club


Welcome & Ditto :+1:

From Fellow 2005 1.8 Icon in Chilli Orange in the West Mids :grinning:

So Cool You Used It as Your Wedding Car :joy:


Hello and welcome.
Great choice for your MX-5.
Please feel free to share pictures of your adventures and here’s to many happy miles of enjoyable top down motoring :beers:

All the best,


Hi … welcome to the MX5 Club …Nice to see you are happy with your lovely MX5 … You certainly live in The ‘ Right ‘ neck of the woods for enjoying your car… I have been to “North” Wales a few times and it is
Such a beautiful part of Wales . Twisty roads Lovely mountains, and
Not too much traffic…. Best wishes to you, From Ray and Sue in
Essex …
By the Way, We also have plenty of twisty lanes and lovely pubs down in Essex, Pubs seem to lure passing MX5’s into their car park’s …. A bit like a Magnet … A very expensive one at the moment almost £6 a pint…

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