Pulling To The Right Under Acceleration And Left Under Braking

 Help! After a couple of weeks sitting idle I took my 5 to work as the daily drive, and was shocked to find it feeling a little shakey. The steering wheel felt a bit like a flat, so a pulled over and check, but nothing looked wrong, so a carried on. After a little bit longer the shakes reduced, but it started pulling to the right under acceleration and left under braking.

Got to work ok, but a little worried what could be causing this? Anyone else felt similar? It has only just pasted it’s MOT and the suspension was reported as fine, as I asked for that to be checked while it was in.

Any help is very welcome,


I think you need to give it a bit of a run, then stop and feel (carefully!) the rims near the mounting bolts and compare their heat. Sounds as though you may have a sticking brake caliper - if you have one very hot (or cold for that matter) rim, then you have a sticking brake issue.

Hope that helps - we Andy Es have to stick together you know!

 Which part should I be looking at?  And where under the rim?

Previously it did have a sticky rear brake, but this was stripped and redo, so hopefully it isn’t that…umm this doesn’t sound good.

 Pulling to the right…tracking.

Pulling to the left under braking…your right hand front brake needs looking at.

Walking back to the 5 after work has provided the answer…a slow puncture rear drivers side.  So, a quick change to the space saver and I was back on my way.  Just need to get the tyre repaired and back on the car now and everything should be good.

Thanks for all the suggestions and help.