R.I.P Charlie Watts - Rolling Stones Drummer

Just been announced on the BBC that Stones drummer Charlie Watts has died at the age of 80.
I was always more of a Who fan, as I’ve never been keen on Jagger! But Charlie, what a drummer and what a life, well lived… R.I.P…



Indeed. A sad day for a great band. RIP.

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Over the last few days we’ve lost two “Greats”. From “Rock 'n Roll” we lost Don Everly (Phil died a few years ago), and now from “Rock” we’ve lost good old Charlie Watts. I feel for their families, and I feel OLD!


I’ve 37 and have never owned a Rolling Stones album. However, when I saw them at Hyde Park I (somehow) knew every lyric to every song! Was a great gig.

Agreed,and not forgetting Dusty Hill too.



One of the CDs I like is The A,B,C,D of Boogie Woogie Charlie is the C in the title.

I bought it in 2012 and still listen to it quite regularly, not all the tracks are brilliant, but there’s enough in there to satisfy most people.