Race disk and pads?

Hey everyone hope everyone’s keeping safe. Just wondering if anyone can recommend any good brake disks and pads for track days once this is all over??? Many thanks in advance

Hello Pingu04
For sound advice call Paul Roddison Roddisons Motorsport Sheffield S9 1US
0144 244 5300.
Stay Safe

give us a it more info on the car please. The EBC turbo groove discs and EBC green stuff or red stuff pads can add a bit more bite. MX-5Parts usually do a good deal on packages of pads and discs. We did have a deal with EBC as well, check out the benefits section.

For lighter cars you should be good with good quality standard discs with as everyone else suggests higher temp brake fluid (Motul RBF600) and higher temp pads. I quite liked the DS2500 from Ferodo on my S2000 but weren’t as good in heavier cars.

BTW going with higher temp brake fluid you will need to change more frequently as it’s more hydroscopic than normal temp fluid. I think that’s the term :rofl:

I was recommended to go for the EBC Yellow Stuff pads with standard discs, so far so good!