Radio removal

  1. My model of MX-5 is: mk2_
  2. I’m based near: Carmarthen
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __ Removing the old radio
    The old radio face has been lost. I bought a new radio to pop in. Single din should just be unplug and plug in. I’ve pushed in the keys either side of the old radio and it won’t move. Feels fixed in place.
    Any ideas on what I should try?

What type of radio is it?

The new one is a JVC from mx5parts. The old one I have no idea as the face is missing. But it has a cassette player not CD.

It’s not the original Sony unit is it? They have a flat blade type key. Does not use conventional type radio keys? What can happen is the keys slide down the inside of the locking mechanism so push it outwards rather than inwards. Try angling them outwards as you insert them.

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Not sure if this is the same on a Mk 2 but on the Mk3, there’s a 10ml bolt hidden deep under the dash past the steering column. It’s a pain in the ■■■■ to remove but the radio won’t come out without it being removed. Maybe worth having a look?

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No 10mm bolt holding the radio in on the Mk2.
Have you took the facia surround off to take a look?
This part…

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Nah, the bolt I’m meaning isn’t attached to the fascia, it goes through the metal plates that hold the head unit in place at the back

By design it’s not there on the NA/NB.

Do I need to remove the centre console to access the bottom screws?

The trim around the gear gaiter prises out revealing those bottom screws.

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You say you’re near Carmarthen.If you can get to Swansea,I’ll have a look at it for you

Thanks for the offer, I have a friend in the village who can do it for me… just wanted to do it myself if I can.

Ok radio problem sorted. After removing the centre console so I could remove the plastic trim surround (as per MikeAP) I still couldn’t shift the old radio. I put it back together before I forgot how. Then I contacted an auto electrician I know and went to see him. He has every conceivable radio release key. He tried various keys. No luck, didn’t budge. I told him the old radio was going in the bin so no matter if it broke. He unscrewed the inner plastic face to get some purchase and finally out it came. The complete unit and holder. Once out and unplugged we could look at it properly. The side clips had released, probably released when I tried as well. However there were two other clips, on the top and as far as we can tell no hole to put a release key in. Must admit I was quite relieved that an expert had problems as well…
Putting the new radio in was a doddle. Straight plug and play. I would have like to use the new wire harness but the old one was taped onto the mazda harness and gummed up. If I’d cleaned off the gummy tape I’d still be there. So old harness but it all works. Hardest part of install was making enough space behind for the radio to slide all the way in.
Thanks for all the help.