Rally entry road

I have to say I arrived from the hotel just before 1030, got waved off my planned route to gate 2 by a marshal and pretty much drove straight in, just pausing to chat with another steward whilst they merged the traffic flow from gates 1 and 2. Got parked up immediately and indeed only queued on foot for under five minutes for the hand stamp and entry.

My first MX-5 rally and I thought it was great - venue, bumps and “road” surface wise, I’ve certainly been to much much worse at other car events!

A brilliant day all round and a great big well done from me to the organisers.

I really hope we will find out how many cars/members actually attended?


Slightly off topic but is 30th anniversary merchandise available after the show. Bad back makes long queues really difficult so I passed on Sunday!!!

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I’d like to thank everyone for making it possible firstly, Secondly not the best location especially if it had rained and getting out of Croft Circuit in the wet can require a tractor never mind CV!
Gaydon was probably the best location for such an event but that was the last one in 2023.
Been to lots of 5OC rallies and appreciate they have to be Midlands to be central to most but any chance of one being a bit further north?
Great key ring thank you :+1:t2::sunglasses:
Oh is there another rally this year or was that Spring & National?

A big thank you to Ian, his team and all the volunteers for their time and efforts at this years National Rally. Great to see so many MX5’s in one place and meet Tom and Bob.
As others have said though I feel Gaydon was a much better site for access and parking although this might not have been option this time.

Yes all worked out okay in the end,a big thank you,I think you can not keep going back to the same place,part of the fun is all the different venues in all the various places in the country,I live quite near this area,but when further away turn it into a short break,I can see it is a bit difficult finding places that are large enough venue wise for the amount of cars that go,this time had it been raining or wet would of been very tricky.
But I still think the various venues are part of the fun,or else I think perhaps sort of several smaller shows,but that would be a awful lot of work etc etc etc.
Many thanks to everyone Simon


It’s a bit difficult this Gaydon was excellent for access and parking but my view is it is about as asthetically appealing as a tesco car park where as a country house makes it feel a bit more special and adds a bit of interest for non car mad partners.
Just my take on it.
Cheers Dave

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The last rally at Gaydon was great, no queue’s when I arrived but the first time I attended a rally there, we were queuing back down the M40 slip road on the west bound side and then in two lanes on the duel carriageway to get into Gaydon!

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Ragley Hall I remember as a good one.

  1. Pre-Covid, feels like pre-history!

I spent about £100 with the Nubawax man. I’m still using those products, so it probably worked out cheaper than trying endless cheaper unguents during the last 6 years

I enjoyed Sywell and Gaydon venues, well all of the really. It’s a matter of what’s available at the time for our rally dates and coupled with costs etc as it’s a free entry for members event.
I would suggest other stately home events as the classic car shows go to it of course. I guess costs involved would prohibit those as most are pay to enter events for showing then to visit as a member of the public, which gets passed on the the organisers.
Didn’t attend last Sunday sadly, I’m MX-5 less now and had other family stuff happening on that day otherwise would have come along.

Unlike the recent event Ragley Hall offered much better access, better handling of the entry queue and final parking.
Maybe look at again for a future event?

yes should be live tomorrow

bit of sorting was needed. There is not a great deal left