Rallying an MX5

I have 2 with V diffs both autos originally eunos spec, one i converted and its a tight wee diff,other i know its working but on an auto not much needed …the guy who is MR.LS Diff for MX5’s works maybe 3 miles from me…I Spoke with him at length last year and he asked me about my stuff , if youre rallying forget about that torsen diff he said it doesnt work when wheels are in the air…So ok on a track but bumpy lanes and rough stuff its no bloody use , his words , not mine…will

I think a rebuilt/upgraded Fuji diff is the best clubman rally option from the standard diffs. My intention is to try with that and upgrade only if it feels inadequate.

McNeill Manufacturing Engineering in NI rebuild them with improved cone clutches for about £155 including posting it back to you. See eBay for their listing.