Can anyone answer these two questions for me? It’s for a 1990 Mk1 Eunos Roadster 1.6, LSD, 5 speed manual. Anything else needed?

  1. Differential / final drive ratio
  2. Speedometer cable worm and drive gear ratio inside the gearbox
Cheers guys

 1. 4.100

  1. No idea.

2.  My original 4.1 differential was matched to a 22 tooth speedo cable gear.  Hope that helps.

 Thanks guys, that should hopefully help with my plans :slight_smile: cheers

Hi All

While we are on the subject of ratios can anyone confirm that the 1.6 Mk2.5 also has a 4.1 ratio Diff or is it 4.3.? or even something else.?