Rattling noise from hood

  1. My model of MX-5 is: 2019 2.0 ND
  2. I’m based near: Wigan
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: intermittent rattling/creaking noise from passenger side of hood (only when hood is up).

Only had the car a few weeks and it’s doing my head in. Any ideas how to resolve please (other than constantly drive with the roof down?)


That used to happen on my old 06 NC. I cured it by sticking some foam draught strips along the edge of each piece of the plastic liner of the storage binnacle that the hood sits in.

It’s an awkward job!

I also found that it got worse when my tyres were unevenly inflated.

Try a bit of self adhesed thin rubber on both of the male lugs left and right that fit into the receiver plates on the windscreen surround.
I had a noise on drivers side and it ceased. I used a bit of neoprene with double sided tape.
Sorted it pronto.

Thanks - I’ll try that, just been for a test run with the missus driving and I’m pretty sure that is where the noise is coming from.

Despite my high expectations it didn’t solve it. The noise must be coming from somewhere else :thinking:

Storage binnacle? Could you give a bit more explanation of where you put the foam - thanks

It’s a bit awkward, but with the roof up so the bin/binnacle/box it suits in behind the seats is empty, kneel on the seats and feel around the plastic trim in that area. You’ll find several overlapping pieces.

As the car flexes while driving they move ever so slightly against each other and that can cause a squeak. If you can get something along the edges - pipe lagging is easiest but is a bit unsightly when the roof is up - you stand the edges off of each other. Voila, no more trim panel squeak.

Getting draught excluder foam in is bloody awkward but looks better.

Worked for me in my old 06 NC1. That said, the noise was possibly indicative of a lack of stiffness in the chassis and I found that was due to rust pretty well everywhere!