Re: And this forum is?


 just thoguht I’d post somethign fdor the sake of it. :slight_smile:

 Loving the work you folks are all doing to get this up & running.





 Im not sure if Im going to use this site much now. Ive just popped across and found it a nightmare to use… 
 Sorry, whoever decided to use this forum software, in preference to the last, needs their head looking at…
Just my uniformed opinion, as a multiple forum user… 
Good luck, you are going to need it…


with comments like that we are yeah.

It takes a bit of getting used to, but when you do it’s not bad at all.
I’m a bit of a forum slag and this new forum seems ok.

I know there are changes and updates happening, so rather than just slagging it off why don’t we wait patiently until all the problems are ironed out. It’s the people that make a forum, not what colour etc the background is … along with other moans from people.

There is another forum that i’ll not mention on here that i’m a member of ‘staff’ on and although it’s laid out very well and easy to navigate etc we don’t have the members to make it a great forum like here.

Yeah … What he says ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Crumbs Tilly seeing your avatar and your name(Tilly… we have a Tilly) I thought you were from another Forum I frequent… but I guess you are not… you might like to check it out though…

 Cheers, I might join that one…[:D] Just down my alley…

Yes, a forum is the members and not the software, but without a good interface, you wont get the regular posters, which means a forum can be its own cause of death…

Is your opinion ‘uniformed’ cos of the police avatar? I can’t believe you bothered posting if the site is that awful, you could have just turned round and left and no one would have known you were there… oh wait I get why you posted now. Yes it’s ok - we see you. Well done.

And this forum is:-

Better off without people who whine and moan without making a constructive criticism.

I sent you a PM Tilly… Check your In Box


Seconded [Y][B]

 Why not just ban the “whiners and moaners”???
If the forum is not what they want it to be, they they should avoid it.

  • if that’s the official stance and opinion of the OC then I’d like some clarification please.

Whining & moaning in general non-specific terms = Bad. Pointing out faults/problems constructively and giving opinions on where improvements could be made = Good. That is what I took it to mean.


If the forum is not what they want it to be, they they should avoid it…your words Goof, not mine.

The comments are my personal thoughts and in no way represent the Owners Club, or the forum management.

I believe what I said, I have no problem whatsoever with criticism which has a positive content, but people who persistently knock this forum are starting to really p**s me off. Instead of constantly harping on about how bad it is, why don’t they offer to help. I know that when I said I would help to moderate the forum after a request for volunteers I was at the top of a list of one.

I seem to remember on the old forum that some people said that the forum would die without an NMC section, that didn’t happen. Now I hear noises that say this forum will be a total loss…that aint going to happen either. Like it or loathe it, either stay or go, but please make some constructive remarks instead of the continual moaning…Goof, this isn’t directed at you personally, you just happened to be the poor sod who wound me up…

 Noted, thanks Geoff.

 Even the good and the great are at it - lol[;)]
 The fact still remains that there are numerous issues - ranging from users full name in bottom bar, to lack of spell-checker when using Firefox etc… there was mention of 70-odd “issues” to be looked into I recall…

Don’t come with the “If you’d volunteer to help…” line as I have in the past and not only re this “new” forum…
So I’d ease off with the “whiners and moaners” theme… some people have nothing to say, others have a right to an opinion.

Everybody has a right to an opinion, including you goof. I just hate whingers and moaners   

In fact, just point me to a post where someone has had a go at the new forum, and then said something like " If it were me I would…let me know if I can help…" You’ll have to look very hard------

 I’ve taken the time at work to do test postsfrom Firefox and IE from the same PC within minutes of each other, and posted my findings re the spell-checker.
I’ve also looked up a Help page, and posted a link about this forum software in response to Martins questions.
I’ve added to the list of problems people have experienced, and illustrated this along with my relevant PC / browser specs.
I’m not saying I can offer to fix this forum software, I’m just pointing out the flaws as best I can - if the OC has paid for this then the OC should be discussing these issues with the suppliers.
The “whingers & moaners” are not responsible for the short-comings of the forum, and should not be slated for not offering to fix it. There is a team of people in place (we are told) to manage the immediate issues of the new forum. It would be handy if the latest fixes were posted to the masses - am I to assume that the Search button now actually works without sending users to the “staging” area???
How is the team doing with the other issues? - the Search thing can’t be the only one that’s been fixed…!!!
IMHO the move to the new forum was too early - it’s evident to all now that too little snagging was done. But I suppose it’s too late…
I would be very interested to see the real hits & posts per day for the old forum compared to this new one - I’d bet you a beer there’s a huge difference… and it’s not that the url has changed and links not updated…
Oh, and has anyone else noticed you can only Edit some of your own posts? - seems it depends on which area of the forum they are posted in.
That’s another one for “the List”…
Geoff - you have a PM too… [E]

can i put my two pence in, there has been a lot of good advice spouted on the new forum since it opened recently to us mear mortals. the same advice is very good i bet, but the fact is that  possibly  50 pr cent of members like ME  are not fully IT litrate, and frankly with the original set-up forum, we didnt need to be, it seemed to roll along nicelly, mostly in a very friendly manner, and very enjoyable. most of us are trying to get though the teething stages,

but no way did i expect to see  ie = whiners and moaners = just turn round and left= etc, etc, at this rate, quite a lot of soldiers will do just that, and leave just the generals with a little club of their own.  im only an old carpenter-joiner  with an mx5 mistress    what do i know