Re-scheduled Bowling - again!

 Sorry folks but the Bowling scheduled for 8th July has had to be re-scheduled again!Angry due to a little thing called the Diamond Jubilee Air Show at RAF Fairford. The new date is Sunday 19th August.

 Thanks for info Howie, have put in diary Smile not of your doing so no worries

 Thank you Liz, the Bowl is offering an All Day American Breakfast and the usual fast food menu, so I am going up to do a recce soon.

 Thanks for the update Howie, it still looks as if I will have to bring the Nissan as the whole family (7) want to come only 6 to bowl as the youngest will still be under 2.

Hi Howie, have put in diary Big Smile

 Sorry to hear this has had to be call off.

Sorry but due to an imposed number restriction, I have had  to cancel this event.Angry