Rear Big Brake service

We have a MK2.5 Sport, with the big rear brakes. It faild MOT on rear brakes and garage are quoting over £400 to sort it, saying it needs rear callipers because the piston won’t wind back far enough to put in new pads.


I think that they are most likely dirty and need a strip and clean, rather than spending on new callipers. Am I correct?


So, doing the job myself. If I need to do a strip service, will I need a winding tool to reset the piston for the hand brake? If so is it a spacial tool, or a generic one?





It sounds like they did not slacken back ALL the handbrake adjustments!


The pistons wind back by using an allen key that is covered by a 14mm cover bolt on the back of the caliper.

It may well be that your garage does not know about that or they do, I cannot tell that.

Rebuilding calipers has a few tricks you need to use to get the seals replaced and for the caliper not to leak.

You would also need to purchase a seal kit for each one and if one has gone the other side tends to do the same in a few months time.

I have no idea about your knowledge of rebuilding MX5 rear calipers but unless you have done it before, I would not suggest you do it yourself unless you have someone there to keep you on the straight and narrow the first time.

If you also need a new piston due to rust and these cars are say 17 years old it is more sensible to get a recon unit.

Seal kit here.

Agreed with Richard was the cable completely free at the handbrake end as this needs to be done as well as winding back the internal caliper adjuster with a 4mm allen key.

Thanks for the advice guys. I got a call from the garage this morning. Seems the initial mechanic is not experianced with the MX5 rear brakes. Another mechanic showed him his error.

All now sorted £200 odd saved Phew!

Ta Val.