Rear bumper connector to rear quarter panel?

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __ NC 2008
  2. I’m based near: _
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __

The clip that connects the bumper to the rear quarter panel broke off after dragging the rear bumper over a bump that ripped it off. The photos show the broken clip as well as the location and the screw that attaches the clip to the bumper which then goes through the upper hole. I have searched online and have no idea what this part is called so can’t find a replacement. Any ideas? Thank you in advance

Does this help?

If you can’t get hold of the original part then a suitably sized spire nut, u nut or j nut should do a similar job of getting it fixed back up.

It does thank you! Although I’m still unsure which part it is. I suspect it may be 50-8CZA due to the location and apparent function but it does not look like the piece that broke off of my car

Yes think I might have to go down this route. Thank you

Have a look in this link below, Mazda trim clips. Plenty of clips also on there for other manufacturers, I’m sure something will fit to fasten that back.


I reached out to them yesterday and they’ve responded already. They don’t sell them but the correct part code is NH52500U5B. Very helpful team there! Now I’ve just got to find somewhere that sells this part

Thanks all for all the help!

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Try here

I had the same problem broke when i went to remove the rear bumper. I used a stainless steel bolt nut and washers . will not rust again . Or you can use a nylon number plate bolt and nut in black .

I have bought from these guys for Mazda clips off their ebay shop and turned up next day. Then found they are only 2 miles from my home in Newbury :joy:. Really good quality fixings and recommended place for these bits.

When I built my Westfield, used nylon bolts for wheel arches , so if you or someone clipped the wing , then it didnt damage the main body. A little different with an MX5 but nylon bolts do work very well.

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Any benefit using nylon bolts over metal? I’m assuming it would cause less potential damage to the body parts but I was planning on using a nut and bolt with washers

Basically that Luke. There is enough strength in the bolt to hold the bumber, but if someone nudges you, it will shear than rip the steel in the wheelarch. Also, even using stainless fixings , they can corrode . You would only need a small fixing to hold it , but the hole is pretty beefy .

Brilliant cheers. Will measure up the hole and order some in!

Have a look at Car Builder Solutions

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I reckon the Mazda part number should be BP4K-50-0Z5