Rear Fog Lamp?

Hi Guys, I’m puzzled! I have MOT certificates for the last 10 years for my recently purchased Mk1 and yet no rear fog light is fitted. I’ve seen lots of pictures of other Mk1s and they don’t have a rear fog either. However, elsewhere on this forum, a reprint of the regulation states that a rear fog should be fitted if the car is manufactured after 1980. My MOT is coming up next month - what should I do? Do different testing stations view this subject differently?

There is an aftermarket toggle switch fitted where you would expect the factory fitted switch to be but all this seems to do is illuminate its associated warning bulb - I can find no wiring in the boot feeding through from the cabin.

Thanks for any advice and sorry if this has been covered before.

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The MoT manual states that a missing rear foglight on a car first used on or after 1 April 1980 is a reason for failure. Unless you are looking for a daylight-only MoT (in which case you must remove or cover ALL lights), I can’t see a reason why the car should pass.  There is no mention in the manual of different rules for imports.

Being picky, the wording in the manual is ‘missing’, which suggests there was one fitted but it is no longer there.  Perhaps if the car never had one, it doesn’t need to be there for the test.  But the manual doesn’t say this, as far as I can see, so I am just speculating.

Perhaps you have just been lucky.



My 1992 eunos has the brake light in the boot lid wired up to such a switch on the dash passes MOT at different garages every year so you don’t need the so called high level third brake light. Also Ive heard of people using a red bulb in one of the reversing lights. A Happy New year to all, Rob.

My Son’s Eunos has one of the reversing lights wired up as a rear fog lamp. It had a red painted bulb but we switched it for a red led bulb. Much tidier than a clipped on light unit.

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Looks like these are the favoured options - thanks guys.