Rear light seal

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __MK3 NC
  2. I’m based near: __Devon
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __Tail light seal

Hi Folks can anyone tell me if there is anywhere online that sells the seal for the rear light on a MK3. I’ve tried MX5parts and they list one for the MK3.5 (which is out of stock) is it the same as the MK3? My nearest main dealer is half an an away so I’d like to find something online if possible.
Thanks Mike

Save a few quid mate , use silicon sealant or the likes.

These guys claim their seal is for MK3, MK3.5 and MK3.75

They don’t seem to ship to England and their UK agent is MX5parts. Shipping to Ireland is 30 euros so they could prove expensive.
I’d like to avoid silicone if I can. I’ll try taking the light out and see if I can improve the old one.

Do NOT use Silicone. If you can’t get a gasket, this stuff will sort you out and allows removal of the cluster with ease should you need too, unlike silicone.

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I was wondering if any MK3.5 / MK3.75 gasket would fit your MK3 based on their claim that theirs fits all three models.

To my knowledge - the bodyshell never changed between mk3 and mk3.5/mk3.75.

It was a cosmetic overhaul ( bumpers, lights etc )