Rear light seals NC

Hi. Does anyone please have a link to where I can find some rear light seals for my Mk3 / NC ??

I’m not sure they are actually leaking but it’s likely.

Thanks :+1::+1::+1:

Just use a good quality silicone sealant, should work grand :blush:

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You do not want to use the above recommendation…you need to use Sikalastomer 710. It stays flexible and makes it easy to remove your lights in the future if needs be.

Yeh I could but for what a pair of seals cost it’s hardly worth getting in a mess with silicone. But there’s that option if I have too.

There are loads of Mk1 seals on the bay but none that I could see for the Mk3 :+1::+1::+1:

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow: That was unnecessarily abrasive

In what way ? Are you having me on ?

No, wasn’t you I was replying to- was the other commenter

The gasket is not available for the mk3 as it came with the lights.
Mk3.5 onwards they were available. I don’t know the differences if any between the earlier lights.
NH42-51-153a is the right hand
NH42-51-163a is the left hand.
Mx5parts have one side in stock.
Mazda dealer would be another.


I’m a little surprised the gaskets or seals whatever they’re called are not avail… I’ve seen it mentioned on other threads that the leaks into the boot because of failing gaskets is common. So if gaskets aren’t available then it’s either use silicone or similar or replace the light clusters ??? Is that correct ?

I keep my car under a large carport but I’m going to replace and extend the roof so the car will have to sit outside for 2 weeks or so.

I had some water into the boot and have since cleaned out the roof drains but I’m thinking it’s worth sorting the rear lights out now before the cars left outside. Hence me saying above I “think” they are leaking …


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Bear in mind, it’s possible they can also leak around the chrome ‘decks’. Can you see where the water’s coming from?

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You could remove one of your lights and check the appearance of the gasket fitted against the picture on the mx5parts website.
The gaskets are made from 5mm black neoprene sponge and are self adhesive on one side.
Personally I would not use silicon rtv but would put a thin layer of clear silicon grease on the mating surfaces and refit the light. Once refitted any excess can be wiped off. Water will not track through the grease and neither will it damage paint or rubber seal.


To detect where the water is coming from , remove the carpet and plastic trim . Then lightly sprinkle talcum powder around the boot and hose down the car , the talc will show any trickles of water


Do you have any rust issues as in my photo of my NC1 boot ?
My carpet was slightly damp when I purchased in October 2020, but I couldnt find source , maybe my lights also ?

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No there’s zero rust in the boot. Whole car is rust free. :+1::+1::+1:

Just take them off, clean up and refit that’s all they will probably need.
I took mine out last year, they were really clean for a 13 year old car.
Besides if required just put a thin bead of silicone around (you probably won’t need to) don’t know why some are getting all worked up over that.


The lights are a sealed unit.

The lights or the lights and body seals ??

Could be from 3rd brake light too :flushed:

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The rear lights are sealed as in you can’t split them apart but as said above there’s a gasket between the body and light unit.

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If the light seals are made from the same stuff as the scuttle insert seals, that’s bad news…